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Download MediaBox HD Free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Mobiles & Tabs

Since it begins video entertaining is wonderful illusion for everyone which could please their mind everybody moves to watch movies and TV shows gradually.  By giving you the easy way to watch movies on your mobile devices there are many apps in the market to serve you. But one of the app called MediaBox HD is unique app for your smart phones and PC as well. With this app you may feel that you are being with a movie store on your hand. Ultimate Video entertainer Download MovieBox HD Free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Mobiles & Tabs.


Nobody has time to waste, so many like to watch all the things you want with your hand held device like smart phones and tablets. On this purpose there are many video streaming apps.

Among those many video streaming apps MediaBox HD is popular app for watching movies and TV shows. We all like to see declared features of the app no doubt. Here MediaBox HD offer you all its fine operation to you even under least environment.

MediaBox HD APK is a high-quality entertainment application for Android, iOS, Fire stick, Android Box, MI Box, NVIDIA Shield. All the facts you need to deal with Media Box HD will be here in detail and keep in touch with us. 


mediabox hd app

 MediaBox HD supportive devices

  • Android smart phone, Tabs and smart TV, smart watch. Android TV Box.
  • Firestick, Fire TV.
  • KODI Android BOX.
  • Fire Cube.
  • iPhone,Pad

MediaBox always brings you the best. It has been maintaining its quality since its origin. Varity of content is being categorized well. You can see huge content of movies and TV shows under different Genres, like Action, Adventure, comedy, Romance, Horror…ect. You can filter out that huge movie and TV show store by willing category.

MediaBox HD APK

MediaBox HD APK is wonderful solution for Android users to Entertain with their Android smart devices. Interesting thing is you no need to pay like some expensive subscriptions. So it brings you all its content for free.

No sign-up or login is required. You can search for movies by their genre and watch it online or you can download it to watch later

MediaBox HD APK Features on your device
  • Mediabox brings you  all movies and TV shows in 720p quality
  • This cute app gets you huge collection of various movies and TV shows, as well as movies in different languages ​​around the world.
  • Also you can have movie subtitles in more than 25 languages with the app.
  • There is an option to download any show or movie in the app so you can watch them offline.
  • Mediabox HD comes you with a nice user interface. With its arrangements you can easily find out its contents and memorize all you need.
  • It is very light application so it does not need much space on your device. But if you do download movies, sure you need more space. As well as you can see them using any video player on your device easily.
  • One of wonderful feature of Movie Box HD app is, it supports for chrome-cast and where you are enabling to project your mobile screen to TV and to have wide screen experience.
Install Media Box HD apk to your Android smart Device.

Most of Android device platform is born to support google play store support. But they facilitate, to you to install other apps to the device in a simple touch you can to it.

As it is not in the play store the Media Box HD APK, you have to download it through ours or other service provider.

The link is provided here to Download Media Box HD APK from ours and please click on it to Download and let it install next. 

mediabox hd apk


MediaBox HD On IOS

For ios device users, this may be a good app to watch movies and TV shows with your ios device. There are several useful apps for IOS users to be using out side the official app store. But this may be the for you which can have hundreds of movies and TV shows in safe way.

. This app gives you direct streaming only, no torrent streaming is available. You can stream videos in the background while using other apps on your ios device effectively.

Apple only permits you to install, apps on its app-store. But you may not see this cute app on Apple App-store. So you have to move with us or service provider to have this to your iPhone, iPad. Media box HD ios is designed to run on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.

Install Media Box HD on your iPhone, iPad

 Interestingly you no need device modification like Jailbreak and even jailbroken devices can install the app easily. IPA file of the Media Box HD IOS  can be used to install it as side loader. 

You download IPA file and install it as usually and you may try Sideloadly. Also there are some third party app installers to install this precious app.


Media Box on PC
By giving you a wide screen movie experience you can have this movie app on your PC easily.  But there is no official version available on windows or mac store. So if you want to install this free movie app on your PC then you need to use an android emulator  to run the Movie Box HD APK on it.
Media Box HD On TV
It is possible for you to get this app working on your smart TV easily but if you do not have a android Smart TV, then it is possible to run this app with Firestick.

In that case you can have all the features describe here and all in your wide screen.

MediaBox HD VIP

This is the premium version of Media Box HD APK. So you have to pay to have these features.  Here  to get VIP access for 1 month you have to donate $1.99 and to have lifetime $ 9.99 via PayPal. For IOS It gives 12 Months No Revokes, Lifetime VIP, register up to 2 devices to access at the same time.

Media Box HD VIP Features

  • Hide all Advertising and Sponsors while using the app
  • You can have high priority and to get support the movie requests throughout the app
  • It will give you early access to things before they are released to others.
  • You will be given  priority to support the your requests throughout the Media Box app.
  •  You will be able to watch movies on a separate server at a faster speed.
  • Media Box  HD allows up to 2 devices to access an account at the same time.